What if you took the best of the past and mixed it up with the best of the present? Welcome to a place where neighbors are friends. Where homes are havens. Architecture is more interesting. Arts and culture are celebrated. Welcome to Renaissance Park.

New Urbanism, is a refinement of traditional neighborhood developments (TND), a longtime popular way of creating a sense of community. TND are more than just rows of newly constructed homes with well-manicured lawns. In fact, TND became popular as a backlash to typical 1950s suburbia. Built to foster social activity through land use and integration of several business types, TND have become successful outlets for people wanting that community atmosphere.

Now, a new way to organize, develop and create community is emerging. Prompted by visionary developers, architects and town planners, a philosophy of blending TND-style communities with a rich, urban atmosphere is resulting in a burst of New Urbanism. With New Urbanism communities, emphasis is placed on walkability, mixed-use of community space, varied architecture and quality of life.

And that is just what Renaissance Park offers. Here, you’ll find miles of tree-lined sidewalks along streets designed for speed control and traffic monitoring. Residential and commercial properties are found side by side, so that grocery stores, parks and bistros are never more than a few blocks away. Public open spaces and neighborhood tot lots encourage neighbors to socialize. Add in a cityscape backdrop, and all of this leads to a stronger, more satisfying way of living.

This is Renaissance Park.



Renaissance Park Master Plan (rev 02-28-2005)


Illustrative Design Guidelines (rev 02-28-2005)


Z-70-04 Conditional Use (MP-4-04)


Z-71-04 Conditional Use