The project, called Park City South, is situated between South Saunders and South Dawson streets in southwest Raleigh. Raleigh-based real estate investment firm Merge Capital is the developer.

Building heights under the proposal could be as high as 20 stories, and permitted uses include retail, housing, office/industrial, hotel and open space.

“In addition to the office space, hotel space, residential units and retail fronts, Park City South will expand the potential of Dix Park,” a statement from Merge Capital said. “The development will create community on the edges of the park, and will allow for additional parking for Dix Park visitors.”

The site is made up of 19 parcels and about a third of the land is currently developed. The property currently houses a collection of squat industrial buildings such as an automotive repair shop, detached homes and an architecture firm. [SOURCE]



Administrative Site Review